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relaxing on Alofitai Beach
Relaxing on Alofitai Beach.


Uninhabited Alofi (51 square km) is under the control of the King of Alo.

People from Futuna spend the week tending their gardens on Alofi, returning to Futuna for church on Sunday. They keep their small boats on the beach next to Vele Airstrip, leaving for Alofitai around 0600.

It's possible to hire a boat for the crossing, although it should be easy to hitch a ride if you can find someone going anyway.

The shallow lagoon at Alofitai offers corals and colorful fish to snorkelers. A long row of thatched huts—each with electric lighting provided by solar panels—lines the golden beach at Alofitai, providing shelter for the gardeners.

Loka Cave, where a shrine to St. Bernadette has been established, is a couple of hours east of the landing on foot.

Large ships can pass easily between Futuna and Alofi, so long as they keep to the middle of the two-km-wide passage.